Go Green With Liz

About Me

I started using Shaklee products in 1979! I was introduced to the Biodegradable Cleaners by friends that were using a great showerhead that mixes your soap! But it wasn’t soap they were using and with a pH that matches skin there was no more dry, flaky skin and no soap scum!

From there they introduced me to the nutritional products and I’ve been using them ever since. I skipped standard prenatal vitamins in favor of the natural, organic supplements I was already taking. Baby pictures taken at one day old show my children to even look healthier than some I’ve seen where the mother took the synthetic prenatals. At a meeting in 1987 several parents compared one day old pictures of their babies and the differences between babies born to mothers that tool synthetic prenatals and babies born to mothers who took organic supplements were clearly visible! My children were raised on the products and took very few prescription medicines as they were growing up. They might not have been too happy swallowing a green mash of crushed organics mixed with orange juice, but the alternative was a whole lunch bag full of prescriptions written by an M.D. with a ton of side effects. I didn’t have the Internet then, but I had a PDA (Physicians Desk Assistant not the electronic gadgets so popular today!) and when I saw all the dangers to my children in those drugs, I threw them all  away. There was just no need to use chemicals when there was a natural alternative available. I have been a chiropractic patient since I was a child, and raised my boys the same. Using products that were developed by a chiropractor was a plus for me! His Philosophy was an inspiration for me to not only use the products but create an income for myself with the business opportunity

I have survived injuries from my time in the Navy, surgeries (in childbirth), car wrecks and aging – and done it all with the help of this fantastic company and their products. As bad as the pain is from some of my Navy injuries, I have eno doubt it would be even worse without these products.

I am a Scuba Divemaster and the things I see happening to our oceans while diving drive me to get more people using organic and biodegradable products. You know what they say – if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem! If you have any doubt about the effectiveness of these products, check out some of these well known athletes.

This company is bringing me the income I need to be able to travel, dive and volunteer with several organizations that work on keeping our oceans and eco-system safe and healthy. I could not do this working a 40+ hour per week “job” making someone else rich.

If you are ready to find your own financial freedom and give yourself time to do what matters to you – contact me and let me help you get started.